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St. Somewhere Training Facility
Under Construction in Texas

October 1, 2014

That's what I got done last trip down. That's a LOT of dirt with a 1 yard bucket.

October 3, 2014

Made a dent down the right side.

October 7, 2014

With Buddy helping we made huge progress. While he straightens the right berm I keep taking out the loose dirt from downrange. Still a little in the back left corner to square up then take out the triangle in the left side front and smooth the floor once the loose stuff is gone.

March 5, 2016

After way too many life/mechanical/weather delays we were finally able to get back to some productive work.

Ruts from the rain were about knee deep

Smoothing Range 1

Ready for soil and sod (to be delivered the first part of April)

And............ the beginnings of Range 2

The plan is for a 2500-3000 sq ft, 360 degree safe range with a shoot house. We started by grubbing out the mesquite trees and digging the first cut into the hillside.

April 2016

Sod is finally getting placed.

June 2016

Range 1 after it's first mowing

November 2017

100 yard multi-use range.

January 2018   Watch the little pile of dirt waaaaay in the back...

Roughed in, still have to take out the ramp on the left side

Feb 2018

....and the Instructor said, Let there be shade........

A little something to get out of the TX sun between drills.

Still need to do some dirt leveling and then rock for the floor.

April 2018

Put in the floor. Still need to do some shovel work in front then more rock.

Keep watching for the next update pics.........