Are you prepared to face the day?

We live in a wonderful world, our country at the forefront of so much invention and innovation. We are surrounded by some of the most loving, generous and intelligent human beings on this planet. I see the best and worst of humanity... every day.

I cringe when the bad things happen and celebrate the good. I have neighbors that live inside a bank vault style house....... I have a friend that hasn't taken the keys out of his pick up since he started driving about 30 years ago (it's only been stolen once he brags). I work with veterans having trouble transitioning back to civilian life and liberals that would disband the military and empty the prisons tomorrow morning. Someone that rebuilt a Harley from a box of parts and the guy that only goes to full-serve stations because he won't pump his own gas.

Why do these things matter? They are just a few examples of how we all must approach our lives and deal with those around us. ALL Differently.

I grew up in a nice rural area of Florida and dealt with hurricanes on a regular basis, we jokingly say "What does a Floridian call a Category 1 hurricane? Tuesday". In October of 2012 Hurricane Sandy made landfall in NY/NJ as a Cat 1 or Tropical Storm in most of the areas it completely devastated. The difference? Preparation. Differences in construction due to multiple hurricanes per year vs. a storm of the century scenario.

What are the scenarios that could upset your average day?

What if there is a natural disaster? Fire, Flood, Blizzard, Earthquake? What if it is a sickness, Flu pandemic or Ebola outbreak? How long can you survive without electricity because a solar flare hit or an old relay shut down the grid? Rush hour traffic gets your blood boiling but the accident caused by the text messaging driver injures a friend or loved one? You hear breaking glass downstairs at 3:00 AM........

Are you prepared to survive and keep your family safe? I hear many say they will be OK, the government (Fed, State or Local) will take care of them. Just remember that there are still displaced residents from Katrina and Sandy today. Personally, I have never seen a better example of the need to be self reliant as March of 2013. We had a spring blizzard in Colorado that dumped 6 feet of non-drifted snow in less than 24 hours. It took 5 days to get off my property and the government didn't move a flake of that snow or deliver any meals to our community.

I would like to introduce my theory of a "Healthy Level of Paranoia". Do you have the preparation, training and resources to survive for 3-5 days without power, water, transportation & fuel, food from the grocery store or maybe most importantly....... without Starbucks!!!!!!

It may be startling to most but the government, specifically Law Enforcement, has NO DUTY TO PROTECT you the average citizen. There have been multiple rulings to that effect by the US Supreme Court. Who is responsible for protecting you and your family? You are!!! 

Having a HLoP doesn't involve wearing a tin-foil hat or mega-plans for the Zombie Apocalypse..... It means taking responsibility for your daily life and family. It means being prepared for the types of disasters that could happen to you and your family. It means planning to make it through those times when no one else is there to hold your hand. It could mean getting a generator, taking a first aid class, storing food and water, repairing that leak in the roof, better locks on the doors, meeting and talking with your neighbors to coordinate skills and supplies, trim back the big branch over the kitchen or maybe learning the laws, safety and skills relating to firearms and self-defense.

For the outdoor-sy types we offer wilderness survival classes too.

Currently our focus is Firearms training for new shooters, Concealed Carry and Law Enforcement. As we continue to build out the new facility in Texas we will be offering a more varied class schedule including First Aid, Canning and Food Storage, Modern and Primitive Wilderness Survival, Archery and more.

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